Exclusive programs for entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals who are serious about making their mark and creating the life success they want.

Use your challenges - stress, failure, fear, conflict, adversity - to make you stronger, perform better, make a difference and find fulfillment.

The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fires.  Forge yourself into the professional you want to be.

Life Forge

Individual Life and Performance Coaching. Practical solutions to eliminate your barriers and power your life success.

Org Forge

Program for Businesses and Organizations.  Cultivate motivation, innovation, positive change and a performance mindset in your organization.

Pro Forge

Program for professionals and entrepreneurs.  Choose Pro Forge Biz for entrepreneurs and business professionals or Pro Forge ECU for entertainment industry professionals.


At Talent Forge, "talent" is rich with meaning.   

The possession or development of repeatable skills; expertise and excellence.  Talent is learned, not born.  You develop talent in whatever you set your mind, effort and passion to.

People who are possessed of skill, expertise and excellence in their field.  Whether in the business world or the entertainment world, talent refers to people who are good at what they do.  At Talent Forge we help talent transform their challenges into energy for higher performance, productivity, impact and meaning.  The good get even better, and they enjoy life in the process.


To form, shape, make or fashion; to form by heating and hammering.  Just like metal is shaped and strengthened by heat and pressure, we are shaped and strengthened by our challenges.  We can use them to create resilience, skill, expertise, performance, meaningful relationships and more.  

Workshop where metal is heated and shaped; a special fireplace, hearth or furnace.  Talent Forge is your workshop to transform challenges, stress, failure, fear and other adversity to your benefit and to shape your life and business/career on your terms.

Hi, I'm Gary Schreiner, founder of Talent Forge.   A number of years ago I found myself burned out and feeling trapped.  I dreaded doing a job I had previously loved.  It affected all aspects of my life. It sucked, but I stuck with it.  Then I found myself rushed to a doctor for what turned out to be stress and anxiety I thought I was "controlling."   That was a wake up call.  I had to make a change in my life, and I remembered one word from an article I had read some years previously.  That word was "resilience."  

That one word led to a journey through the amazing science of how people work, and the discovery that we are actually built to turn challenges and adversity into strength, growth and performance.  We all do it at some level - the fact that you're still living and breathing to read this is testament of that - but most of us have never been taught to deliberately develop the mindset and habits to do it consistently and effectively.

That's where Talent Forge comes in.  Its mission is to help you learn the skills you need to not only survive, but THRIVE, professionally and personally.  

Transform Your Stress Into Energy

One short hour could completely transform how you experience stress. Learn to use your stress to help, not hurt, you.