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"Making it" can be brutal.  To be successful in your world you have to take some hard knocks.  Rejection.  Failure.  Trying again.  When you do reach a high level of professional success, other people think that you "have it all", life must be so easy for you.  Right?


Like anyone else, you're human.  You worked hard to get where you are, but you still face stress, losses, disappointments, and other challenges.  

Celebrity status or financial success don't confer some invincible force field of protection.  They don't guaranty happiness.  They just bring a different set of challenges.  Happiness and fulfillment come from the power generated by being faced with adversity and choosing to move forward and love life anyway.  

That same power can help you perform better, have a meaningful impact, and change your world for the better.

Resilience + Ingenuity = The power to change your world.

Resilience: The power to endure the fires and trials of life, bounce back and keep going after you get knocked down - even when everything seems stacked against you..  

Everyone has some level of it.  No one can succeed without it.

But there's Survival Resilience and then there's Thrival Resilience.

Thrival Resilience lets you take your challenges and turn them into power.  


Use your challenges - stress, failure, fear, rejection, conflict, adversity - to make you stronger, perform better, make a difference and find fulfillment.

Ingenuity: The power to change how you think about the world and how you interact with it.  Everything starts with how you think.  Change how you think and you change how you experience the world.  Change how you experience the world and you change how you influence the world around you. 

Use the power of your mindsets and creativity to change your reality and impact your world.  

Dedicated to Your Success

At Talent Forge we work together to help you cultivate the fundamental human success skills you need to survive and thrive in any profession or industry, and to love life along the way.

Our goal is to create a community of amazing professionals who are passionate about what they do, who want to share their talents and creations in a meaningful and impactful way, and who are willing to support one another in achieving their life success.

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The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fires.  Forge yourself into the professional you want to be.

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Lighting the Fire

You have something to share with the world, but you’re stuck and its quenching the fire within. Get unstuck, relight the fire and take action to make your vision a reality with this focused virtual coaching session.

Stress as a Superpower

How to get good at stress and make it work for you instead of against you. One short hour could transform your stress forever.

Change Maker

The simple process for creating positive changes in your business, career or personal life.

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Meet Gary

Hi, I'm Gary Schreiner, founder and "Thrivesmith" of Talent Forge.   I'm your personal mindset and resilience trainer, ingenuity mentor, accountability coach and change strategist.  

A number of years ago I found myself burned out and feeling trapped.  I dreaded doing a job I had previously loved.  It affected all aspects of my life. It sucked, but I stuck with it.  Then I found myself rushed to a doctor for what turned out to be stress and anxiety I thought I was "controlling."   That was a wake up call.  I had to make a change in my life, and I remembered one word from an article I had read some years previously.  That word was "resilience."  

That one word led to a journey through the amazing science of how people work, and the discovery that we are actually built to turn challenges and adversity into strength, growth and performance.  We all do it at some level - the fact that you're still living and breathing to read this is testament of that - but most of us have never been taught to deliberately develop the mindset and habits to do it consistently and effectively.

That's where Talent Forge comes in.  Its mission is to help you learn the skills you need to not only survive, but THRIVE, professionally and personally.  

Why "Talent Forge"?


The possession or development of repeatable skills; expertise and excellence.  Talent is learned, not born.  You develop talent in whatever you set your mind, effort and passion to.

People who are possessed of skill, expertise and excellence in their field.  Whether in the business world or the entertainment world, talent refers to people who are good at what they do.  At Talent Forge we help talent transform their challenges into energy for higher performance, productivity, impact and meaning.  The good get even better, and they enjoy life in the process.


To form, shape, make or fashion; to form by heating and hammering.  Just like metal is shaped and strengthened by heat and pressure, we are shaped and strengthened by our challenges.  We can use them to create resilience, skill, expertise, performance, meaningful relationships and more.  

Workshop where metal is heated and shaped; a special fireplace, hearth or furnace.  Talent Forge is your workshop to transform challenges, stress, failure, fear and other adversity to your benefit and to shape your life and business/career on your terms.

What People Have to Say

So I’ve met with Gary Schreiner twice now.  Literally the first time was lunch, super fast, and I learned an incredible amount!  Gary is “The Thriveologist” and he’s an absolutely amazing coach!  If you are stumbling in life at all, he can help you fix it, remove those barriers and begin to Thrive again!  I think everyone (yes I’m being 100% literal) needs to meet with Gary!  Do lunch!  You’ll see what I mean!

Sarah Feldsein – Entrepreneur

In just a 30-minute phone call, Gary was able to help me completely shift my mindset to a more positive perspective! He was exceptional in providing me with helpful tips and advice – teaching me that challenging spots in life are really just opportunities for positive change and performance. Truly, Gary knows how to help music artists and entertainment professionals, as well as many other professionals or organizations.

Parker Kane – Beatboxer | YouTube Creator | Musician

I’ve known Gary for several years now and have really enjoyed our friendship, but most of all his professionalism!  He is a great motivator, and will help you in getting the job done in whatever he approaches.

Kerry Buxton – Entrepreneur | Entrepreneurial Consultant

Gary has excellent skills in the areas of conflict management, communication, team building, overcoming stress/burnout/fear, positive mindset and mental toughness.  He’s innovative, entertaining, fun, effective. He comes prepared and extremely organized. Gary is smart. He has a dry, quirky sense of humor. He’s a great listener, quiet and thoughtful one on one yet dynamic when addressing a group.  I highly recommend Gary, without reservation. He won’t disappoint.

Michele Unsworth, LCPC

I attended this course today and it was very empowering! Gary Schreiner put on an amazing presentation and changed my outlook on stress. Stress is life embrace it and grow! If any of you have the opportunity to attend one of his presentations or need guidance with handling life I highly recommend Gary!

Melissa Butler – Owner, Natural Sizigy

Thanks Gary Schreiner for a great workshop today!! I for sure feel so much better about Stress and how to turn it truly into a Superpower!!  You did a great job!  Thanks so much!! I highly recommend it to anyone.

Rachel Hall – Entrepreneur | Founder, Watch Out World

Gary was very helpful in helping our team identify areas that we had difficulties and realizing that sometimes there are just decisions that have to be made even though they may not be the most popular choice.

K Jaques, OT

I really liked the way he challenged us to think and consider as many things as possible when dealing with people and such emotional issues.  He also made things fun and entertaining.  That helped make the four days easy to get through and wanting to pay attention to everything.  I would recommend his training courses to anyone who asked.

Lynette Stumpp