9 Super Smiles to Emulate

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Have you ever thought about your smile?  I don’t mean when you’re getting that drivers license picture or taking a selfie.  I mean really thinking about how often you smile and what you are communicating when you do.

A smile is a powerful thing.  It can boost happiness and change the atmosphere of a room.  It can diffuse tension or make someone feel at ease.  It should be cultivated and used wisely and frequently – and not just for selfies.

Here are 9 smiles you should emulate (not imitate, but we’ll address that at the end).

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s smile was the inspiration for this post.  Here is a smile that lights up a room, even when she is playing a villain.  It simply glows.  It is a smile that reflects a healthy sense of self-worth and an enjoyment of life.

Will Smith

Will Smith’s smile has charmed many a fan.  It is another smile that simply shines.  It expresses charm and confidence, with a hint of boyish mischief and wonder.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has one of the friendliest smiles on TV.  It is a smile that is welcoming, unassuming, and puts people at ease – the kind of smile you’d like to get from your best friend.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has made it to many “top smile” lists on the web.  These lists base their choices on subjective beauty, but often miss the real beauty of the smile.  Ms. Berry’s smile is warm and subtle, a smile that seems to have seen the struggles of life and fought to come out on top.

Harrison Ford

The roguish smile of Harrison Ford dares to be unsymmetrical and distinctive.  It says, “This is me!  I’m not perfect, but there is a lot to love.”

Lindsey Stirling

Musician and YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling lights up her videos and her stage with her bright smile.  This smile reflects a sense of fun, tempered by perspective, with a youthful resilience that warms the heart.

Vidya Iyer

The other YouTuber on our list.  Vidya’s music and look blend cultures in a beautiful harmony.  Her smile expresses joy in the moment and love for what she is doing.

Nelson Mandela

There are many qualities that are expressed in this smile, but the most simple and powerful one is this: Hope.

Dalai Lama

This smile was saved for last for a reason.  No, this isn’t a magazine model’s smile.  It is simply authentic.  This amazing smile reflects compassion, wisdom, serenity and love.

The thing that is most powerful about each of these smiles, and worthy of emulation, is that they are genuine.  Point of this post is not to get you to imitate someone else’s smile, but to get you to think about what qualities you hope to reflect in your own smile.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about a smile is that it should reflect the person within – it is genuinely and uniquely you.  When you let your smile reflect the amazing person within, you are more attractive, more likable, and most importantly, happier.


*Note: At the time of this writing I have not had the privilege of meeting any of these individuals.  Assessments are made purely from distant observation and not from personal knowledge of the individual.