Is Stress Your Venom or Your Spiderman?

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Ack!  Stress! “Stress!  Baby you got it! Oh yeah!”  (I’m sure there’s some popular tune we could sing that to.) We all have stress.  Every day.  And you probably don’t want it. We’re’ constantly being told that stress should be reduced, eliminated or managed.  “Stress kills.”  “Stress is harmful.” Blah, blah, blah.  We are put […]

Transform Stress into Power

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Stress! AARGH! Though stress, fear and failure are normal human experiences, they’re not high on anyone’s to-do list.  We’re often taught that they are to be avoided, to be “eliminated” or “crushed”.  Yet, are they really so bad? The deeply profound, and surprisingly hope-giving answer is … it depends! Whether seemingly negative experiences like stress […]

The Artichoke Workout: Find the Good in People, Improve Your Relationships

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So many of the problems we have in relationships are due to attributing negative intentions to another person, with or without justification.  Remember, whether something comes across to you as positive or negative depends entirely upon your own perception. When we stop looking for the bad, the flaws, the failures, and start looking for the […]

Yelena Kaganovsky: Finding Your Voice as an Entrepreneur

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Every good entrepreneur has a voice, and a message they want to share.  But how do you find that voice? Meet Rhythm Setter Yelena Kaganovsky.  Yelena is a Certified High Performance Coach who helps coaches, trainers, and speakers share their powerful message and content with the world by rocking and owning video that positions them as […]