Life Forge

What the Heck is Life Forge?

We could apply any number of industry labels to this program - “Life Coaching”, “Executive Coaching”, “Mindset and Performance Coaching”, etc., etc.  - but what IS it?

Simply put, I help you kick-butt in your profession and life.

Using the science of how people work, I help you remove barriers and turn your challenges into a power source to accomplish your goals and thrive, no matter what life throws at you.  Whether you have general professional or personal goals or specific challenges you want to tackle, I’ll work with you to establish the foundational mindset, skills and habits you’ll need and to take specific action to move you forward.

What are Some of the Results?

  • Strengthen your ability to bounce back from failure, rejection, and other adversity
  • Build a fulfilling career/business that has a positive impact
  • Increase confidence, focus and sense of purpose
  • Enhance personal and professional performance
  • Create meaningful personal and professional relationships
  • Improve communication and ability to manage conflict
  • Use your stress to energize rather than drain you
  • Get unstuck and pursue your Big Audacious Goals
  • Create an unconquerable mindset
  • Enjoy life

Look, life is hard, which is good.  We’re designed to use life’s challenges to our benefit.  They give life meaning and make us stronger.  You can love your life and thrive.

Cool.  What Else?

Life Forge is:

Confidential and Discreet.  Coaching is a private process. I'm ethically bound to keep our sessions confidential.  As a general rule that means no one else knows what we discuss, or even that you're my client, unless you consent otherwise or the law requires disclosure.  

Transformative.  Life Forge is designed to help you create positive changes in your life and career.  You'll remove limiting beliefs and see the world in new ways.  You'll improve mindset, performance and overall well-being for a happy, meaningful, successful life. 

Effective.  If it didn't help my clients see results I wouldn't do it.  We work together for your success.  

Exclusive and Individualized.  I only accept 10 clients at a time into the Life Forge program so I can dedicate the time and effort to best serve you and your individual needs and goals.   

Support and Accountability I'll be your coach, trainer and cheerleader, helping you develop the mindset, knowledge and skills you need, supporting you through challenges and celebrating victories.  Each session will end with specific targets and action steps and I'll provide regular follow-up to check on your progress and help you stay focused.  Your success depends on your efforts - if your success is more important to me than it is to you then something is wrong - and clients who aren't willing to invest work in themselves will be asked to leave to make room for other clients.  

What's Included in the Program?

Regular 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions.  We'll connect for regular coaching sessions on a weekly, every-other-week, or monthly basis depending on your needs and schedule.  For clients who meet less often there are interim check-ins by phone, email or messaging.  

All Pro Forge benefits.  Life Forge members are eligible for all features and benefits of the Pro Forge group program. Pro Forge is co-working, group coaching, networking and mastermind rolled into one.  If you'd like to add the power and support of a group of other committed and talented individuals you'll want to take advantage of this benefit.  Participation is optional.  

All Forge Spark programs.  Forge Sparks are short, focused online programs designed to help you see immediate results in specific areas.  You get full access to all programs, including programs not open to the general public, that you can use in conjunction with or in addition to what you're working on in Life Forge. 

Electro Forge options.  Life Forge Clients will have first option for Electro Forge VIP days - half or full day, in-person, one-on-one sessions at your location or mine (your choice), where we really zero in, dig deep and tackle specific challenges, develop key skills or create a long-term plan for your success.   

Private coaching is the quickest route to the results you want.  It is for professionals who are ready to create positive, lasting change and live life on their terms.  Whether you are just starting your business/career, are established but stuck, or are highly successful and want to continue to grow, I will work with you to make those changes happen.