Want to Succeed in Business? Be Yourself – Guest Autumn Clifford

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Want to succeed in business?  Be yourself.

Ever have days where you meet someone and their positive energy is so infectious that you just can’t help feeling happy and uplifted?  That was what it was like having my first conversation with Autumn Clifford.  For me it was a lesson in being authentic, demonstrating the positive effects of simply being yourself.

During our conversation we heard about the reality behind her “overnight” success, and learned the secrets of attracting your ideal client or customer. We also discovered that seeing the positive opportunities in the world and enjoying your life is a choice and not predetermined for us.  Actually, there was this and more.  Autumn dropped a lot of gems, and this episode included some fabulous input from viewers as well.


About Autumn

Autumn Clifford is a law enforcement officer and defensive tactics instructor who transitioned into the world of business coaching.  This lady kicks butt both literally and figuratively.  Her journey is one of hard work, determination, and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.  She is a coach who lives what she preaches, building success for herself and her clients.  She helps women who’ve been living for everyone else figure out what they want and how to get it.  Be confident, own your power, trust your intuition, talk to angels.