Danielle Boose: Fearless Fighter, Mother, Mentor, Coach, Inspiration

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Would You Rather be a Diamond or Dust?

When I invited Danielle to be a guest on Thrive Talk I knew she had an inspirational story.  But until I spoke with her I didn’t know just how powerful it was.  Imagine this:

  • A childhood with a father in and out of jail and a mother absent because she is struggling to support the family
  • Experiencing the horror of sexual assault
  • Becoming a mother at age 16
  • Pushing through high school and college as a single mother, going hungry because there is barely enough money to pay for expenses and feed your child
  • Suffering a heart attack as a young adult
  • Having a daughter, who suffered from depression, run away and not knowing where she was

Any one of those could be enough to make someone curse life and give up.  Danielle chose a different path.  She chose to push forward, keep fighting, and make something of her life.  Not only did she start her own successful business, but also turned her experiences into an opportunity to help others by founding a non-profit organization to help young people from challenging circumstances make something of their lives.

Prevailing and thriving in life is a choice.  Life is hard.  It is full of challenges.  You can choose to let it crush you to powder or form you into a diamond.  Here’s a lady forming into a diamond.

Watch the full interview above.  You’ll be glad you did.

About Danielle

Danielle Boose is a business coach and consultant, author, speaker, workshop leader.  She supports aspiring and startup entrepreneurs with creating an engaging online presence, marketing, and branding. She helps her clients move from the planning stages into actionable steps that lead to their big launch (or relaunch). She emphasizes practical steps that help clients easily transition from generalized ideas to a formulated actionable approach.

Visit Danielle

Website: www.danielleboose.com

Get Danielle’s Book:   http://www.amazon.com/Life-Lyrics-Through-Danielles-Eyes/dp/0692653805