Whoa, That Was Awesome!

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Today’s Charged in 7 Workout is incredibly simple.  So simple you’ll say, “Really, is that all there is to it?”  My response will be, “Yes, that’s
it.  Cool, huh?”

This is the “Whoa, that was awesome!” workout.  It is a simple little exercise to help you remember that life is good and you are succeeding in it.  It is set up as a weekly workout, but you can do it daily if you like.

The “Whoa, That Was Awesome!” Workout.

  1. Reflect over your past week.  With regard to that week do each of the following.
  2. List one high point. (Yes, you had at least one.)
  3. List one humorous experience.  (You can find humor in almost anything, so look for it.)
  4. List one thing you learned
  5. List one thing, based on your experiences, that you will do differently or continue doing this week to make your life or someone else’s life
  6. Review your list and say, “Whoa, that was an awesome week!  This week is going to be awesome too!”  (You can put this in
    your own words, but be sure it is very positive.)

That’s the workout.  Give it a try!